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Should I select a Male or Female Massage therapist?
There are pros and cons for selecting a male or female therapist.


Pros and Cons of Female Massage Bangalore

Typically they will have stronger hands and be able to give a firm deep massage. The cons are that they lack the soothing nurturing touch that a lady provides. They also don’t tend me so as detailed as the ladies. Also, ladies for privacy reasons feel insecure with a male. There is a lack of level of trust of a male therapist. Instances of males crossing the decency line and being sexually intrusive on both males and females and very common. Ask any SPA owner and they will confirm that this is more the case with male therapists than females. There is a thus a clear bias against male massage therapists.  People are skeptical about the motives of a male therapist Looking for. The underlying concern  if they can trust a man to massage them without crossing boundaries. However a lot of modern liberated females tend to prefer male therapists because they tend to less judgmental about their bodies.


Pros and Cons of a Female Therapist
A female therapist can provide a very soothing and healing touch. This nurturing element is what gives them the advantage. They are also more tune and empathetic to your feelings and emotions. Women also tend to be more detailed in their work. The drawback is that their hands are typically not as strong as the males. However this is not always the case there are lots of women who will amaze with the strength of their hands. A female  massage Bangalore’s best therapist fulfils  the need for nurturing love and touch in a safe non sexual way. All of us have this intense biological need to be loved and touched. Instead of recognizing it and fulfilling it in healthy way we seek to sex. But it doesn’t satisfy so we become addicts. What we really need is the nurturing warm healing touch of a trained caring massage  therapist. This stimulates oxytocin the hormone of love calm and connectedness. It can also provide emotional benefits; unsurprisingly, being touched by another female massage therapist can make you feel less alone, and give you an anchor of groundedness. They think of their figure imperfections like stretch marks, big hips, belly or unshaven legs. With a masseuse, they are more comfortable and therefore can relax during the different massage types. Some of them treat it as a chat session with the massage therapist, which is also another form of relaxation.  Women are better listeners and have that innate, caregiving sense, Another interesting question comes up. Is it inappropriate for a man to request a female therapist. Not at all, just because you are requesting a female therapist doesn’t mean you are wanting extra favors. Here are some actual excerpts from real people “I would be really uncomfortable getting a massage from most men. I don’t want a male therapist, psychiatrist, gp, ob/gyn, and definitely not massage therapist. Though I’d feel differently about a man who was very obviously gay. . . so I guess it must be a vulnerability/sex thing.” “As a massage therapist in training, wanted to let you know gender has no effect on the intensity of the bodywork. Some of the deepest massages I’ve received have been from women!”


Female to Male Massage in Bangalore

“Male clients,” Gardiner contends, “may also prefer female therapists for socially conditioned reasons, including homophobia. Heterosexual men may enjoy a woman’s touch even in nonsexual forms. They will find it less threatening and more appealing than a man’s touch,” she says.
Here is an online poll from Glamor Magazine


Industry Preferences
By and large female clients prefer female therapist and male clients also prefer female therapists. The trend is changing among liberated educated women who tend to  prefer a male therapist. This is evident in the staffing of SPA’s. Almost 80 to 90% of the massage staff are females. One of the most frequent requests we got from clients of all genders was “Please book appointment with a female massage therapist.” It’s a common enough request that at most spas, clients are specifically asked at the time of booking. There is also a culture bias. European men are more open to both genders while American, Middle eastern and Asian men prefer females. Certain religions like Islam and Orthodox Jewish they are prohibited from having close physical contact with the opposite gender. A lot of men find it unnatural to be physically touched all over their bodies by another man which reminds them of gay tendencies. A survey of most unisex SPA’s in Banglore show that most SPA’s have a majority of female therapists. It’s a simple equation of demand and supply. Customers mainly ask for female massage therapists and that’s why SPA’s staff accordingly. This preference for women therapists is so strong that 86% of massage therapists are female, according to The American Massage Therapy Association. There are even spas that won’t hire men because it is too hard to book them.


Another interesting comment “Your potential male clients are afraid you might be gay and your potential female clients are afraid that you are not.”
At California SPA in Banglore we respect the client’s choice. It is true that 99%  of clients prefer female massage therapists. Our therapists can perform deep or light work and at the same time provide you with a nurturing healing experience enhancing Body Mind Soul and Spirit. For the best choices and top-notch service for a  Massage in Banglore or Female Massage Bangalore or Home Massage Bangalore please contact www.californiaspa.in