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Exhilirating Massage for Body Mind And Soul

California Massage Sanctuary

We are a Professional Licensed high quality SPA service that provides Massage Therapy to clients all over Bangalore. Our  focus is on an integrative approach for Body, Mind and Soul.



Why choose California Spa for spa massage treatment? 

A good contented soul and peaceful mind can do lot of magical wonders. The comprehensive spa and massage treats is one of the best gift to appreciate the holistic soul.

At California Spa a tired body is not treated as a customer but as mankind of passing on the legacy of wellness. The comprehensive treatments at massage Bangalore not only enhances the radiance of your skin but also offers a great help in relaxing your muscles and further heal mind body and soul.

Right from the ancient rich herbs to expert contemporary wellness solutions, the wellness and massage treatments are surely a bundle of bliss. A comforted environment and professional therapists do extremely take care that you have a relaxing memorable experience..

California Spa has various treatments that can do the work of soothing the tense muscles, adding glory to your skin and offering you with intense wellness solutions for integrating body mind and soul.

In sphere of body massage Bangalore, California Spa has an unmatched reputation, expertise and experience in various massage treatments like:-

Aromatherapy massage: At California Spa, we soothe your stressed nerve with special aroma therapy fragrant oils. Special herbs used in the products does relaxes your body. In order to give you complete contentment and special privileged customer service, we have special crafted services and niche of providing home massage Bangalore.

Thai Massage: With the aim of providing you with holistic solutions, the special Thai treatments are provided by professional therapists. Our experts are trained and educated with the immense deep rooted knowledge of Trigger point, Myofascial techniques, manual therapy treatments and much more. We do practice traditional methods that relaxes mind and soul. We even aim to keep you contented thus even provide expertise services also in female massage Bangalore.

Full body massage: With the boulevard of giving complete satisfaction, the diverse range of massage therapies choices does gives you a feeling that is worth living and experiencing.  Our experts do offer you with head to toe massage services which also relaxes your tense muscles and do provide you with relaxation.

Deep tissue massage: There is traditional therapy involved in curing the trouble points too.  With the special healing and holistic approach, our group of special therapists offer an exemplary service for corrective pressure is applied for the treatments.

Foot spa: In order to sync energy and relax your tiring legs, you need something special. At this spa for foot spa special traditional herbs and methods of medieval age are offered.

At California Spa, we do offer you with divine touch that touch your soul of ecstasy. With the unique therapeutic approach, we offer an exemplary blend of contemporary and traditional treatments that pampers your high end needs of relaxation.

The unwinding approach after the spa and friendly pampered treatments provided here offer quite relaxation.  The treatments done here offers floatation energy. In order to give complete rejuvenation solutions.

The simple and hassle free processes here, lets you to book your appointments for the treatments easily.  Wellness is blessing and therefore to offer you with complete ecstasy of wellness solutions, special membership programs and gift vouchers are also available.



  • Decent well dressed personable therapists
  • Trained to California standards
  • 90 mins is exact and not compromised
  • We blend our own oils with Ayurvedic herbs and flower essences
  • We use high quality Incense for fragrance
  • We bring soothing Meditative music
  • We have a special Ayurvedic ointment for pain relief
  • Our Prices are fixed and we do not quote one price and come and charge you another
  • Find out why we have mostly satisfied repeat clientele
  • Check out our true Client feedback on the Testimonial page of our web site
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At we provide massage in Bangalore including home massage Bangalore, Door Step Massage Bangalore, Hotel Massage Bangalore and Service Apartment Massage Bangalore. We however do not have our own SPA Premises. We know of several safe clean reasonably priced locations where you can avail of our service if you do not have your own place. We prepare detailed profiles of each therapist including multiple pictures and assist each client in selecting the right therapist.

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(Referral fee provided if we hire someone through you)

1)  SPA Therapist

Looking for female candidates, part or full time 18 to 35 years, Fresher OK. Top compensation. Accommodation available

2) Home and Office Assistant

Reliable lady 20 to 45 years for House Keeping, Cooking, Misc errands. Top compensation. Accommodation available